Functional Individual Therapy of Scolioses

In a nutshell…

FITS method is an original concept, which can be used as: individual scoliosis correction system, supporting therapy to bracing, prepare children for the surgery and also for correction of the shoulder girdle and pelvis after surgery.

FITS concept was developed in 2004 by dr. Marianna Białek and Andrew M’hango. Based on years of experience and numerous studies and discussions among scientists (Orthopedic surgeons, Biomechanics, Physiotherapists and Psychologists) FITS concept is constantly evolving and presented at numerous scientific conferences both in Poland and abroad – International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment “SOSORT.”

In fact what dysfunction accompany scoliosis, the authors propose the concept of individual exercise program depending on the size of the angle of curvature and the patient’s clinical test result. On this basis, it sets the goals and targets of therapy



The course consists of three meetings, 2x 4 days and one 3 days. Totally 96 hours


For whom?

The course is dedicated for physiotherapists and medical doctors

FITS concept includes three important stages of therapy:

1.Classical examination and examination according to the FITS method.

2.Preparing myofascial structures which restricting correction movement through the use of various muscle energy techniques.

3.Building a new correction patterns in functional positions and their stabilizing.

Dates of the courses:

Group 5:
Part 3: 6 – 9 January 2018

Group 6:
Part 1: 27 March – 2 April 2018
Part 2: 17 – 19 April 2018
Part 3: 23 – 26 May 2018

dr n. med .Marianna Białek
mgr Andrzej M’hango D.O.

1. Insufficient awareness of his/her own posture which makes children less involved in the treatment process.
2. Myofascial limitations which make three-plane corrective movements of scoliosis corrections difficult.
3. Segmentally reduced thoracic kyphosis
4. Incorrect feet loading
5. Disturbed stabilization of lower trunk.
6. Increased myofascial tension between the thoracolumbar scoliosis apex and the iliac crest which limits the spine shift of the scoliosis correction.
7. Limited mobility of 3-4 ribs on the side of the scoliosis concavity, disturbed mechanism of thorax movements during breathing (breathing witch convexities).
8. Incorrect posture patterns caused by the long-lasting scoliogenic stimulation.
9. Myofascial imbalance.
10. Incorrect loading of the glutes in sitting position, incorrect walking and carried out activities of daily living due to long-lasting scoliogenic motor pattern.

1. To make a child aware of existing deformation of the spine and trunk and to provide a direction for scoliosis correction.
2. To release myofascial structures which limit a three-plane corrective movement.
3. Improve segmental kyphosis of thoracic spine.
4. To teach correct foot loading in order to improve the pelvic position and produce symmetrical loading of the lower limbs.
5. To strengthen the force of pelvic floor muscles and short rotator muscles of the spine in order to improve the lower trunk stabilization.
6. To teach the correct shift of the spine in the frontal plane in order to correct the main curve, while stabilizing (or maintaining in correction) the secondary curve.
7. To facilitate the ability to perform the correct three-plane corrective breathing in physiological positions.
8. To make the child aware of the correct patterns and trunk deformations connected with the curve of the scoliosis (asymmetry of head position, asymmetry of the lines of shoulders, shoulder-blades, waist triangles and pelvic and hip joints).
9. To teach balance exercises and improve neuro-muscular coordination in scoliosis correction.
10. To teach correct loading of the glutes in sitting position, correct walking and activities of daily living.

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